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P6 Session 2017

P6c have started their gardening unit up at the Walled Garden. It will be a 4 week session working with Richard on different tasks. The first day the class were building shelters. They did a lot of hard work digging holes to put the posts in and were finding lots of interesting artifacts in the ground. The class are looking forward to finishing their shelters and helping to prepare the garden for the growing season!



Our amazing brain was a huge hit with audiences around Gracemount Primary! Some pupils had said, ‘The best assembly we have seen since last year’s Roman Assembly!’ P6c did a brilliant job learning all of their lines for the assembly. They really enjoyed learning all about the different parts of the brain and what the function of each part was. A lot of time, hard work and effort was put into making the assembly a grand success and the pupils were very happy to see so many parents come along to support them. Great work P6c!