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P5 Session 2017

P5A have been scientists this term and focusing on solids, liquids and gases. They have been looking at the different properties of these states of matter through fun and exciting experiments! One of the experiments included making chocolate crispy cakes which everyone scoffed afterwards for a treat. In this experiment the pupils were learning how the properties can change due to different temperatures. The class found that when we heated up the solid chocolate, it melted into liquid form. To heat up the chocolate in the classroom, we put the bowl of chocolate in another bowl with boiling water. We discussed that the water in the kettle was boiling and because of the hot temperature, gas was produced. This then encouraged a discussion about different gases in the air which the pupils were very interested to find out about. The pupils then mixed the melted chocolate with Rice Krispies and placed a spoonful of the mixture into a paper case for themselves. The pupils learned that the melted chocolate turned back into a solid due to the cool temperature in the classroom. During this learning process, the pupils were thinking of other examples where properties change in everyday life such as ice-lollies melting and gases from car engines which lead into a deeper discussion about solids, liquids and gases. The pupils are very enthusiastic and curious within science lessons and therefore have lots of questions to ask which is fantastic!





Wednesday saw the class start their sessions at the walled garden. The community gardeners have been doing a fantastic job of up-keeping the garden over the winter months so we got a chance to do some den building in the wind! Despite the struggle the children had a ball and kept on trying. One group was successful and could crawl into their den at the end of the session (they gave up on the tarpaulin and just used branches). We will look at other den designs during the week to see if it gives inspiration for next week as the children voted to try again next Wednesday.
Another group went to do some cooking and the results smelled fantastic. I hope you enjoyed your tea that evening.
Every child will get the chance to cook something and take part in an outside activity.




P4 are raising The Titanic!
Our new IDL topic is all about the building of, the people on it (passengers and crew) and the factors that added to it’s terrible demise. The pupils will work in “Home teams” which are groups chosen at random to encourage co-operative learning with each member of each team having a specific role in each task and everyone supporting each other. The first mission was to actually make a representation of the great ship itself. Each home team was given a different task (lifeboats, hull, rigging etc.) and finally our ship was completed. This is now displayed in our cloakroom please come to our open event at the end of term (date to be confirmed later) to see and hear all about our work.

Guess what came to visit us today? The Scottish Cup, recently won by Hibernian FC, was brought to the school this afternoon as part of a tour of Edinburgh schools. Pupils learned about the history of the cup, the past winners and some of the traditions surrounding it.
They got to ask their own questions and to top it all they got their photo taken with it.
Ask them some questions about it to see what they remember.

P4 are extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to take part in a 5 week course of ukulele lessons. Every Thursday afternoon the group called “Happy Ears” come to the school to teach the basics of playing a ukulele. The lessons last 45 mins and are packed with musical knowledge, songs and fun. 2 down 3 to go!ukulele