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P5 Session 2017



Thanks to the Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust, P5 have had 3 outdoor learning sessions at the Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park this week. We’ve built dens, been on a scavenger hunt and built shelters for snowmen! We even had time to sit down and enjoy some hot elderflower cordial. These sessions have been designed to support the class in developing team work skills, and whilst it was a bit of a disaster initially, by the end of the week the groups were communicating better and working together.

Our last session is on Wednesday 31st January. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately as we had a lot of children complaining of being cold and having wet feet!


Our Edinburgh topic is unfortunately coming to an end this week! The children began by looking at the major features of Edinburgh’s landscape and how they were formed, completing a brilliant volcano experiment to show what happened to Castle Rock millions of years ago and investigating how glaciers shaped it into a Crag and Tail formation. We also researched the history of Edinburgh and how the city grew to be the size it is today, starting from the Royal Mile and gradually building outwards. Most recently, we have explored Edinburgh as it is today, having great fun opening out some gigantic maps and searching for famous landmarks and familiar places. Well done P5B, you’ve worked brilliantly!





Primary 4 thoroughly enjoyed their exciting trip to the Royal Yacht Britannia. The children were eager to learn all about the ship’s history as well as explore all the different quarters on board. As they explored the ship, children could listen to interesting facts about the construction of the ship, her famous residents and daily life on board one of the most famous ships in the world. As we walked around the ship some pupils were able to draw comparisons to the Titanic. The children were so well behaved and a super day was had by all!


Primary 4b spent a very enjoyable afternoon at Gracemount Library. It was lovely to see Hana again and the children listened very well to her reading and discussing stories. They the got the opportunity to choose books of their choice to read and share together. Hana then introduced the First Minister’s reading challenge which has been sent home today. It is hoped it will help to encourage the children to read and engage with books out with the classroom. Everybody was also given an application to get a library card.

Welcome back to school Primary 4b!
The class have had a great start to the year; settling back into school routine and eager to learn. It has been really lovely getting to know the class over the last few weeks. This year primary 4 will continue to progress through the First Level Experiences and Outcomes as part of Curriculum for Excellence. We have now began our first IDL topic – Weather and Water and started literacy sets. Thank you to the parents who attended Meet the Teacher and look forward to seeing you at Parents Consultations next month.