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P6 Session 2017


Guten Tag! This term Primary 6 have been learning German! We are very fortunate to have a german specilaist who visits the class every Tuesday to help us with our pronunciation. So far the class have learnt how to say greetings, numbers 1-20, parts of the body and classroom instructions. The class enjoy playing games such as ‚‘Simon sagt…‘ (Simon says) and singing songs in German such as ‘Köpfe, Schultern, Knie und Zehen’ (heads, shoulders, knees and toes). I’m sure with some practice we will all be fluent in no time!!






Come one, come all to the magical Mary King’s Close! P5a and P5b took a fantastic trip to the high street to visit Mary King’s Close and the People’s Museum. Both classes have been learning about Old Edinburgh as a topic. They learned all about the style of clothing they wore, the types of buildings they lived in and read famous stories from the past. The highlight of the trip was the walk underground to see Mary King’s Close. The tour guides were very informative and took us on a wonderful journey through the past. The pupils really enjoyed the trip and are far more appreciative of the comparative luxury of their lives!



Primary 5 had a very exciting visit today from a Roman soldier. Valerius secundus came to begin our topic by telling us about the Romans and to show us some Roman artefacts. Pupils loved trying on different parts of a Roman soldiers uniform and holding different weapons. Primary 5 also got to try some marching drills and learnt a few different ways to attack the enemy! We are all excited for the Romans topic to begin and will spend some time in class planning the topic tomorrow!


P4 have been given the opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele by a group called “Happy Ears.” For the next 5 weeks on a Thursday afternoon they will all learn some simple chords and be able to play along as a group. This week the pupils were taught the names of the different parts of a ukulele and how it works, they all learned where to place their fingers on the frets to play a C chord.

All the children listened well and helped their partners position their fingers correctly. The musicians were very impressed with them and everyone in the class thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


On Thursday 14th April there was an exciting event in school. The pictures we had created for our Gallery exhibition were displayed in the school hall. Parents were invited in to see them all and were able to buy a framed piece. We got to see them during the day. We all agreed there are some very talented artists in our school. Pictures are available to buy until Friday 21st April, don’t miss out. Some of the proceeds go directly to the school.


Today saw the end of our Country Comparisons topic. We invited parents and carers into the school to look at the children’s work. Adults were encouraged (with very little persuasion from us to chat to any child about their learning in the topic. They asked the pupils questions about the countries they had studied and gave them points out of 10. We are delighted that most of the pupils scored very highly and all of them impressed the parents with their knowledge and attitude. We had foods from around the world and the tasting session proved very popular. There was tzatziki from Greece, mozzarella, focaccia and breadsticks from Italy, choritzo from Spain, brie from France, pickled herring from Sweden, smoked sausage from Poland, salsa from Mexico and grapes from South Africa.

Next we played the “World Game” where the adults joined in with the children trying to find all the countries on a ‘world trip,’ the clues were hidden all around both classrooms but took a lot of really hard searching to find them.

The afternoon ended with a demonstration of the Scottish Country Dance “The Dashing White Sergeant” which the pupils performed excellently.

Well done P4a and b, you did really well and Mr Howe, Miss Pearston and Mrs Chavasse were very proud of you.

Have a lovely holiday and we’ll see you back here on Monday 11th April.BlobHandler

P4a took part in the annual Fischy Music concert at Liberton Kirk. Fischy Music is used in our school assemblies, the songs are about building self-esteem and how to deal with different emotions. The children sang their hearts out along with 6 other schools. There was a fantastic community spirit and the whole event was uplifting.
Andy Chittick came to say hello to us.
Some of the band came to sit with us before the concert began. We pretended they were in our class.BlobHandler[9]