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P5 Session 2017


Well done P5C for all your hard work and practice to create your assembly today on your learning about Edinburgh! Everybody tried their best today to remember their parts, their lines, when to come on and to try and speak out with a clear and bold voice! Everyone has been very enthusiastic and given it their best effort. All the children were very keen to take part and to give their audience a good performance. A super effort P5C, well done I am very proud of you!



Primary 4 are always given opportunities to get involved in arts and crafts. This week took on an Easter theme where the children were to create Easter bunnies following very specific steps. They used their skills to measure out certain lengths, draw straight lines and fold paper to create duplicate shapes. The children then used their personal creativity to decorate their bunny as they wished.

The outcome makes for a gorgeous,creative display and the children were very proud of their work.




Primary 4 have been having a fantastic time visiting the community garden in the past few weeks. They have been improving their skills in planting and preparing the ground for planting, considering what makes the soil healthy, how compost is created, using cardboard to avoid weeds and learning why worms are a good sign! The children have been using spades, shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows in order to complete tasks safely and efficiently.

The class have really enjoyed foraging for berries and different plants, and in doing so have learned what is safe to eat. P4C have been playing games which requires them to use their senses to describe what they hear or to diminish their senses (sight) in order to play guessing games. New information is learned every week and has certainly been helping us with our new topic ‘Weather and Water’.

This week the children were digging up potatoes which we brought back to school. We plan to cook and eat them tomorrow so that the children can learn about the relationship between how food is grown and how it reaches our plates.