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P4 Session 2017


This term in Problem Solving Primary 4 have been using the strategy of how using a table can help solve a problem. The children have used ready-made tables, but also have had the opportunity to create their own tables electronically. The children are becoming more confident in using a word document, inserting an appropriate table and are able to use a variety of the text tools. By using a range of tables, the children are able to organise the information from their problem and clearly see what information is missing. The table will also highlight any patterns. During our sessions, the children had opportunities to improve their problem solving skills and mental maths by using a range of interactive Maths games.
Next the children will be using the strategy of acting it out or using concrete materials to solve a problem.


We are learning about the human body. This topic generated a lot of excitement amongst our class and the children shared what they know about the human body already and put forward their ideas on what they would like to learn about the human body and how they might like to learn.

The topic began with the children drawing an outline of a body and labelling as many parts as possible. The children then worked in collaborative groups to cut out bones and put these together to form a skeleton.

We then learned a little about the brain, finding out the names of different arts of the brain and the functions they control within the body. We also looked at things that trick your brain, such as optical illusions, which the children were really fascinated by.

Our class was particularly interested in the more gruesome side of the human body, such as how and why we have snot, why we break wind and what happens when we are sick. We will be investigating germs and the digestive system before and after the October break. You have been warned!





Well done P3 you put on a fantastic Circus Show! Everybody has worked very hard in rehearsals to remember their part, what to do and when to come up. The children came up with the ideas themselves for their acts and have worked in teams to solve how their role should be acted out. This involved a team spirit, coming up with ideas, problem solving those that ideas that worked and those that didn’t and finally coooperating as a team to pull it all together. Not only that but the children also came up with ideas for stalls in the classroom and ran these so that parents and family could come and enjoy time in the classroom with your child. They all worked really well when the author Mary Turner Thompson came in and did 3 workshops with the children and from this the book Crazy Circus was written where all the children have contributed to two fabulous stories related to the topic of a Circus.




Welcome to Primary 3b. The term has got off to a good start and the children have all bonded well in their new Primary 3 class. The pupils have settled well into the new mix of classes and are enjoying the new challenges of P3. This term we will be covering Literacy which includes Spelling,Reading and Writing using VCOP, particularly looking at writing in sentences, Data Handling in whole class Maths topic as well as setting for SEAL groups (number work in Maths), The Enormous Crocodile, Forces (Toys and Games), Sikhism, Throwing and catching in PE, iPads (apps WeeMee, Wordcloud, Pages, iMovie), ICT(logging on, Word, finding a picture on google and copying it), Healthy eating and designing our own healthy snack, Creating an advert for our healthy snack – looking at persuasive language and a focus on our Emotions and manners such as kindness and respect. Lots of great new things to be learning.