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P3/4 Session 2017



P3/4 discussed the areas of interest that they would like to look at for the Human Body. One area that they thought they would like to explore was ‘fingerprints’. This raised many questions e.g. Do we all have the same type of fingerprints on each finger? What are the types of fingerprints? What are fingerprints used for? As part of the study, the class compared thumbprints and created a chart. From this they were able to identify who had ‘whorls’, ‘arches’ and ‘loops’. They could plainly see that everyone’s fingerprints were very different form each others’.







Our topic this term in Primary 2/3 is Enterprise. As the local Circus is unable to visit, the children have decided to put on a Circus show themselves and in the process raise some money for new school resources. The class have been creating and producing their own acts and are working on creating stalls which they will be running in the classroom after the performance.

The class have been sampling lots of the different activities for the various acts, such as spinning plates, magic tricks, juggling, trying on costumes, diabalos, pom pons and large ribbons. The children were allowed to choose which acts they felt suited their interests and skills. The groups are recording their experiences and progress in a group Big Book.
The P3 children have created a super book by working with an author called Mary Turner Thompson, who came in and ran 3 workshops with the children. The result of this is a lovely book that the children have written 2 stories in called Crazy Circus. The book will be selling on the 17th March for £7 per book. It has colour pictures inside that the children have drawn and will be a fantastic memory of their time in Primary 3 learning about The Circus. We have a limited amount of these books and will be sold on a first come first served basis. You can buy more than one book.

The Circus will be on 17th March at 9am in The Gracemount Primary Gym Hall. Cost for this event is £2 per adult, children go free.

Afterwards the children invite you to their class from 9.30-10.30am to see what they have been learning about the Circus and to have a go at various Stalls that they have created such as Pin the Donkeys tail, Guess Where the Treasure is, Knock the Cans Down, Guess the Teddy’s name and Guess how many sweets in the jar.

We look forward to seeing you at the Circus show and all classes are very excited to perform their Acts.




P2/3 have been enjoying music sessions each week with a music specialist Patsy. The class have been working on listening and singing rhymes, copying the tone and keeping the beat using movements and instruments. The children have been working on using their voice in different ways, for example making it fast, slow, deep or high. The children have also been developing their skills at working with a partner. As the weeks with Patsy continue the children will work more on developing these skills as well as working on rhythm and pitch.