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P3 Session 2017


This term P3 have been learning about The Sun, Moon and Stars. The children began by exploring their prior knowledge about the topic and discussed what questions they had. This led onto learning about how the sun is at the centre of the Solar system and does not move. We then watched videos to explain how the Earth spins around and how this creates night and day. The children used a lot of objects to demonstrate this. Adam was able to explain what happens when the earth moves, identifying which part of the Earth would be in night or day.
We next investigated how shadows are created by the position of the sun in the sky. The children had lots of fun creating shadows in the playground and drawing around a partner’s shadow on the ground.
Throughout the topic children have been challenging their previous knowledge about the sun moon and stars and have been engaged in meaningful discussions to answer topic questions and link this to real life experiences. For example, why does the moon look like it is changing shape in the sky?



We had a perfect day to have our first trip to the Walled Garden. The sun was shining and it was feeling a lot warmer. Spring is definitely here!

This was the first of 4 visits which will take place every Thursday.
Today we worked together to make our own dens using branches, bark, and a tarpaulin. The pupils cooperated really well to make the dens. It was great to hear them discuss designs, ask for and offer help to their classmates.

Over the next few weeks we might have the chance to do some gardening, including some planting.
We will have to hope that the weather gets even warmer so it will be suitable to plant some bits and pieces.




Recently Primary 2a had a special treat where they took part in a diving workshop put on by the coaches from the Royal Commonwealth Pool.
The children worked at four different stations testing different parts of their physical ability. Everyone had a great deal of fun and received a certificate of participation for the class.