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As part of our Health and Wellbeing the children have been focusing on the ‘Take a Moment’ unit of the whole school “Building Resilience ” programme. The key learning in this unit is to make the children more aware of the variety of emotions they can experience, to help the children develop the ability to talk about their feelings and to talk about about ways to help them cope when they felt down or upset. We read the book ‘My Many Coloured Days’ and talked about how different colours made us feel. Lots of us thought dark colours were sad or angry colours and bright colours were happy colours. We have played games recognising emotions on facial feature cards and talked about how we feel inside when we feel sad, angry, happy and afraid. We drew our faces showing an emotion and painted them with a colour we think matched the emotion.



P1 has enjoyed visiting the walled garden. We met Richard who looks after the walled garden and who took us for a tour. Through our tour of the walled garden we were given the opportunity to sample some petals – that were a little bit spicy – and some raspberries but we made sure that they we picked the red ones. Richard showed us a compost heap and we learnt about the importance of these and what eventually happens to a compost heap. On our seocnd trip to the walled garden to meet Richard we made a massive den in the woods. The only materials Richard gave us was some string and some tarpaulin. For the rest of the of the den we worked together to find natural materials, such as branches, to build things like walls and an entrance. Our den was big enough to fit the whole class in. We love the walled garden!!




As part of our health and wellbeing, the children have been focusing on the “Challenge Your Mindset” unit of the whole school “Building Resilience” programme. One of the key messages that the children have been learning is that who we are and what we are good at is not fixed. This has involved the children learning about fixed and growth mindsets and ways to challenge a “I can’t do this” fixed mindset. The children really enjoyed meeting Fixed Freddie and Growing Gracie the class puppets and sorting some statements into things that each of the puppets would think/say. Primary 1/2 were able to identify things that they couldn’t do as babies that they can do now, and we had lots of discussions around how our brains learn new things.