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P2 Session 2017


Primary 2B made a lovely start to the new school year. As we have come from different classrooms it was a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the class. Each pupil drew or wrote about something they liked and disliked, about their family and what they liked in school. School lunches and playtime seem to be quite popular!
Well done to each pupil who worked hard on their poster and who presented alone or with Mr. Grennan.



The children have been learning about lots of different ways of keeping themselves safe. They have covered a range of different situations including: what to do if I get lost, safety in the home, safety when playing outside, dealing with personal worries, respecting differences, making friends and dealing with bullying. The children demonstrated good listening skills as Flip the Fly guided them through the different situations and were very good at spotting dangers and discussing various ways of keeping themselves safe.




The class have been taking part in weekly yoga sessions using an online resource called Cosmic Kids. During each session the children do simple yoga positions to act out different parts of a story. The range of positions increases as the children work through the different stories. Most of the children are already better than Miss Gare! The class have been using the same resource to do short mindfulness sessions where we think about how certain situations make us feel. We are very good at identifying our feelings and we are trying to apply our knowledge to situations that happen in the playground.