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P1 Session 2017


Our pirate adventure has begun! We have written a letter back to Captain Blackbeard and shared imaginative ideas and opinions about what we might need to pack in our suitcase for the journey.

The children also created their own imaginary island and drew a treasure map of it. The children then took their maps outdoors creating large scale maps in the playground with a partner. The children shared their maps describing the landscape, mysterious sea creatures and terrifying obstacles on land.

The children created a collage pirate of verison of themselves to join the crew of Captain Blackbeard’s ship. They have designed their own pirate flag and created a colourful parrot to perch on their pirate shoulder.


P1b have been taking part in yoga sessions using an online resource called Cosmic Kids. During each session the children do simple yoga positions to act out different parts of a story. The range of positions increases as the children work through the different stories. Most of the children are already better than Mr Morrison. The class have been using the same resource to do short mindfulness sessions where we think about how certain situations make us feel. We are very good at identifying our feelings and we are trying to apply our knowledge to situations that happen in the playground.



Caley has enjoyed visiting the walled garden. We met Richard who looks after the walled garden and who took us for a tour. Through our tour of the walled garden we were given the opportunity to sample some petals – that were a little bit spicy – and some raspberries but we made sure that they we picked the red ones. Richard showed us a compost heap and we learnt about the importance of these and what eventually happens to a compost heap. On our seocnd trip to the walled garden to meet Richard we made a massive den in the woods. The only materials Richard gave us was some string and some tarpaulin. For the rest of the of the den we worked together to find natural materials, such as branches, to build things like walls and an entrance. Our den was big enough to fit the whole class in. We love the walled garden!!