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In P.E., we have been working on throwing and catching skills. The children have been learning to roll balls towards a target and throw underarm and over arm at varying distances.

We have been practising our throwing by looking at the target and aiming and throwing the ball at the correct height and speed by thinking about how hard or soft we need to throw the ball before releasing it.

Catching skills have been refined by making sure we are ready, with our hands outstretched and tracking the ball with our eyes as it travels towards us. We are learning to move our body as necessary in order to catch the ball.




P1 has enjoyed visiting the walled garden. We met Richard who looks after the walled garden and who took us for a tour. We were learning the letters ‘a’ and ‘p’ that day and together we found lots of different things beginning with these letters such as ‘petal’, ‘parsnip’ and we stood on the ‘alligator’ mural. Through our tour of the walled garden we were given the opportunity to sample some petals – that were a little bit spicy – and some raspberries but we made sure that they we picked the red ones. Richard showed us a compost heap and we learnt about the importance of these and what eventually happens to a compost heap. The best part about this was looking at the worms and we got the chance to hold a slimy worm in our hands. When we went back to the walled garden to meet Richard we made dens in the woods. The only materials Richard gave us was some string and some tarpaulin. For the rest of the of the den we worked in teams to find natural materials, such as branches, to build things like walls and seats.

Primary 1a learnt about 2D and 3D shape. When learning about 2 shapes we counted the sides and corners to help us recognise and remember the names of shapes. Some of the 2D shapes were easy to learn about but there were some trickier ones such as pentagons and hexagons. We also made the shapes using straws, sorted shapes into groups and then used these shapes creatively to help us draw robots. When we were learning about 3D shapes we also compared and sorted them into groups but had lots of fun using the K’nex to build all different sizes of cubes – this is because we learnt 3D shapes aren’t flat like 2D shapes so we had to build up the way. We also had fun building pyramids using lollipop sticks and clay. Primary 1a did a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find real-life 3D objects and we realised that we are surrounded by 3D shapes!