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P2 Session 2017

This term P2a have been learning all about the senses through lots of hands on investigations and experiences. The class have been developing their scientific investigation and prediction skills.

The children were keen to learn more about each sense and how it works as well as what it’s like not to have one of the senses. The children have learned the names of each sense and details about the body parts associated with each. We have also had a lot of discussions about what it would be like to live without a sense and how the senses help to keep us safe. The children were able to come up with lots of ideas about how we could help blind people and deaf people. I was very impressed with the range of thoughtful ideas they came up with.

First we explored the sense of sight by looking at optical illusions and learned how sometimes our senses can trick us. We even made our own optical illusions to trick our eyes. In gym the children worked with a partner to experience what it would be like to be blind. They took turns leading their partner through an obstacle course and tried to throw and catch blindfolded!

The children had a go at a feely box and guessed what they thought was in the box using only their sense of touch. The class explored texture in real life by doing crayon rubbings around the playground. They came up with a great bank of words to describe different textures including rough, smooth and bumpy.

This week we carried out investigations using smell and taste. The children tried to identify salty, sweet, sour and bitter flavours in a selection of foods. They discussed the need for a sense of smell and how important it is to keep us safe from eating things that could make us sick and to sense danger (smoke from a fire). We smelled different scents and tried to identify and describe them as pleasant or unpleasant.

As part of our assessment of learning they created a senses poster to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the topic.








Our pirate adventure has begun! The class has written a letter back to Captain Blackbeard. The pupils shared imaginative ideas and opinions about what we might need to pack in our suitcase for the journey.
The children also created their own imaginary island and drew a treasure map of it. The children shared their map with a partner describing the landscape, mysterious sea creatures and terrifying obstacles on land. They created a collage pirate of verison of themselves to join the crew of Captain Blackbeard’s ship.



handas-surpriseThe class have been reading the book “Handa’s Surprise”. We have used the book to learn about how children’s lives in other parts of he world may be different from ours. We have used masks to act out the story. The class have discussed what their favourite fruit is and which fruits they would take in the basket. We have talked about our favourite animal from the story and discussed what animals we would put in the story. We compared Handa’s house in the countryside with houses in the cities in Kenya and to compared what was the same and what was different about Handa’s house and our own houses. We made our own verison of Handa’s house. We had an amazing afternoon tasting all the different fruits from the story and we decided which ones we liked and which ones we didn’t!