Gracemount Vision

Our Vision

At Gracemount Primary everyone is committed to developing a happy, caring and safe school with a welcoming environment where we are all valued, respected and able to thrive. Pupils, parents, staff and community stakeholders work in partnership to create an aspirational learning environment with high expectations for all.

Our Values

Good naturedWe are happy and friendly and support each other to solve our problems peacefully.

Respected – We are polite and kind to everyone in our school, working together to build our community.

Achieving – We strive to be the best we can be both in and out of school and we celebrate our successes.

Cared for – We care for ourselves and each other and feel safe and nurtured. We encourage each other to make healthy choices.

Inspired – We love learning in a variety of ways and help each other to improve.

Equal– We know that we all matter and we challenge those who treat others unfairly so that everyone feels included.