About Us


Gracemount Primary School is a non-denominational school serving the south side of the city. It’s catchment area includes Alnwickhill, Howdenhall,  Mortonhall, Gracemount,  Balmwell, Burdiehouse and Burnhead.

It was built in 1959 and the first Headmaster was Mr James Forsyth.  In its 56 year history the school has only had 5 different Head Teachers proving Gracemount is such an excellent school staff stay for a length of time that ensures stability.  Our current Head Teacher is Mr Greg Dimeck.

Gracemount’s school badge was designed by the first headteacher to be deliberately different from that of the High School which was built on the same sight.  It depicts the Pentland Hills with a small yellow flower in the foreground.  The flower is called the Rue, Herb of Grace.

Our school badge represents everything we stand for here at Gracemount. The yellow flower survives in the rocky areas at the base of Scottish hillsides.  It is a hardy wee plant that grows despite the hardships it may face.The petals are star-shaped and face straight up.


Rue, Herb of Grace

The green hills behind it are the Pentland Hills which can be seen from the school. The white chain represents the continuous chain of Learning which has no beginning or end.

We have approximately 500 pupils from Nursery to Primary 7.  At present we have 17 classes  and a morning and afternoon Nursery class.

It is a spacious building. The school has 22 classrooms and an all purpose, separate, newly built nursey housing 2 nursery classes. At present we have 18 different classes: 3 P1 Classes, 3 P2 classes, 3 P3 classes,  2 P4 classes, a composite P4/5 class, 2P5 and 2P6 classes and 2 P7 classes.

Gracemount has ample designated playing areas aswell as access to the local Leisure Centre football pitches.


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